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Why do I need an EPC?

To comply with the Energy Performance of Building Directive 2002 the government enacted The Building and Approved Inspectors Regulations 2006 and The Energy Performance of Buildings (England and Wales) Regulations 2007. These introduced various requirements for EPC’s with the net result being:

Transitional introduction dates for commercial properties have now passed and an EPC must be made available for all properties (stand-alone over 50 m2 / 538 sq ft) which have, or are expected to have a conditioned environment. A small number of exemptions can apply and we will be pleased to advise you further if in doubt.

All residential properties for sale or to let, require an EPC.

Are there penalties for not having an EPC?

Penalties for commercial properties are 12.5% of rateable value between minimum and maximum figures of £500 and £5000. A default of £750 applies where the formula cannot be applied. The penalty for residential properties is £200 which can be reapplied for a continued offence.

How long will it take to produce the EPC?

Due to the wide variation in size and complexity of commercial buildings, the survey and calculation times can vary. The EPC Store does however aim to provide its clients with the one of the fastest turnarounds in the industry and we are confident we can meet your requirements.

We aim to complete and send all our residential EPC’s on the day of inspection. In the unusual event this is not possible for example where the appointment is outside of normal office hours, the report will be sent the next working day.

How much does an EPC cost?

For commercial properties prices vary according to size, use and complexity but start at a very competitive £195. For residential properties we charge very competitive fixed rates according to the number of bedrooms starting from £45.

Call us now or use our quote function for a competitive price.

What will the EPC show?

The Energy Performance Certificate tells potential buyers and tenants about the energy performance of a building so they can consider energy efficiency as part of their decision to buy or occupy the building. The EPC incorporates a set of recommendations where applicable (separate document for commercial property) which detail possible improvements that will help increase energy efficiency. In some instances capital allowances, grants or interest free loans may be available for improvements.

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How long is an EPC valid for?

They are valid for 10 years unless a newer report is issued. Certain modifications to the building structure, layout or services may also require that a new EPC is compiled, for further information please contact us.

How do I order an EPC?

Call us Free on 0800 567 7290, email us or use our quote function.

How do I retrieve my EPC?

It is a legal requirement that EPC’s are lodged onto a secure, government approved database. We will provide you with a unique reference number to access the database together with a .pdf copy of the EPC by email. For commercial properties we also supply a bound hard copy of the report at no extra cost.

Residential EPC’s can be retrieved here

Commercial EPC’s can be retrieved here